Apple I Services


' Apple I Services 'is a mobile phone repair & service centre specialising in repairs to iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, LG, iPhone, HTC and Blackberry phones. We not only fix basic phone faults like software, speaker & charging faults, we also fix more problematic faults like physical damage. If you are not in or around our area you can send your phone to us, we will call you back with a quote,. If the quote is accepted we will repair the phone, take payment on card & then send it back via a secure Mail service. If we are unable to service or repair your phone then, there will be no charge for the time spent on it. Leave it with us & we will dispatch the mobile phone or tablets for you under a good and working condition.

WHY CHOOSE Apple i Services ?

  • + All of our staff are iPhone, Nokia, Samsung & Sony Ericsson trained
  • + All of our staff are educated with cellphone services & repairs
  • + We use all the latest diagnostic equipment
  • + We only use genuine and original parts
  • + We can give you a FREE quote over the phone or email if needed
  • + Cut out the middle man - If you take your phone to a phone shop 99% of them will send your phone on to a service centre to be repaired which doubles your repair or service bill. Save Money and Come Straight... Apple I Services
  • + We are confident that you will be happy with our service that we have a live feedback and comments box on our feedback page. Leave a comment after your phone has been fixed and tell others about your experience with Apple I Services .